Why Hyside

There is no comparison.

For nearly 30 years, commercial outfitters have relied on Hyside's durability to pioneer the rivers of the world. Engineered for excellence, our boats and kayaks are considered the best performing and most reliable inflatable on the water.

But don't take our word for it - ask any river raft guide and they'll tell you Hyside inflatables are the best boats on the water.

"To provide the most durable and highest performing whitewater inflatable boat that a commercial river runner or a pioneering river explorer could find!" SINCE 1982 OUR MISSION HAS NOT CHANGED.

The Hyside Advantages:

  • Hyside is the only company that manufactures boats by hand at the same location where the fabric is made; from raw material to finished product in the box at the same location.
  • Hyside is the only company to manufacture our fabric to the specifications of pontoon bridges using unmatched fabric technology with 80/20 Hypalon coating for wear and UV resistance – both on the interior and exterior of the fabric. We admit that's way over the top for inflatable boats, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Hyside is the only company to apply a special urethane coating (bottom chafer) - used in truck bed liners. Our coating is tough and slippery and holds up to anything you can throw at it. Combined with the resilient Hypalon tubes, it provides you with unbeatable durability and performance.
  • Hyside inflatables have been rated as having the strongest tear strength in the industry through Double Denier construction.
  • Quick Release Thwart System provides a quick, clean method of thwart removal. No webbing to lace.
  • Triple bond joints (inside seam tape, overlapped fabric, outside seam tape).
  • The one-stop-source offering a variety of Rafts, Kayaks, Catarafts and Accessories to fit your floating or rafting needs.
  • Expert support and repair services.