For nearly 30 years, commercial river runners have relied on Hyside's durability to pioneer the rivers of the world. Designing boats around the demands of the 'unexpected in the middle of nowhere' gave these boats the reputation of 'get you there and back' dependability.

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This addition to the Hyside line-up was developed through the review of the most frequently requested features by Outfitters world-wide over the past 20 years. These boats are the same high-quality as our Pro line, with great features at a great price. A full line of features includes hinge and pin thwart attachments, Leafield valves, 4 main chambers, 7 D-rings and frame chafers and urethane bottom chafers! We’re backing it with a 5 year limited warranty. Everything you'd expect at an unexpected price.

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A special formula which combines the toughest and most dependable combinations of Hypalon coatings and bomber base fabrics has made this line of self-bailing rafts the benchmark of the commercial boating world. Often it's described as the "workhorse" of the industry because of its reliability. Standard features include self-bailing attached floors, hinge and pin removable thwarts, full-length urethane bottom chafers, frame chafers, four main chambers and more. All this is backed with our 5 year limited warranty.

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The non-bailing Livery Series evolved in the rental market. Building a boat that stands up to the abuses of daily rental was no small task. The design has become a favorite of fishermen as well as paddlers out for a casual float.

Sizes include the popular combinations of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-person capacities. We are able to make them in larger sizes or change the configuration of handles and D-rings to suit your needs. Other options include company logo and urethane chafers. Contact us for more information.